Sick Society (Review: Whoresnation / Doomsisters 2012)

For a band whose rate of motion jolts from urgency inspiring haste to steamrolling power chord crunching instant deceleration and acceleration occurring in the time of  a heart beat, French grind Goliath's Whoresnation manage to bolt down a guerrilla grind offensive worthy of resistance to the dystopian surges that thematically crashes through their work, making their concrete and lead trudging and back alley fight or flight scenarios as emotionally austere as they are adrenaline inducing, a ruthless combination put to devastating effects and leaving little to the imagination. However Whoresnations defiance to the Brave New World of the 21st century, are hardly fantasies born of fiction, but hard felt bitter hostilities aimed towards the ever burdening and consuming nature of so called civilisation and the need to conform to its often detrimental and hypocritical standards, snarling teeth at issues such as populist herding demagogy of the political elites with powerhouse track Leadersheep and the devouring hollow nature of unbridled capitalism in opening blast parade Career.  Whoresnation paint a gritty depiction of present society, but this follow up to their wonderful LP (available here under a name your price model) makes their current and future contributions to the genre overwhelmingly exciting. 

On the flip side grind cousins Doomsisters share this animosity much in a not too dissimilar vein by way of down tuned sludge terminating into a rancorous shrieking cacophony of crust and d-beat perversions. They don't quite match the bpm of partners in thoughtcrime Whoresnation, but their spirit of resistance is by no means any lessor, bringing punk to its most sour and belligerent form, with verbal lashes screeched out in vernacular maliciousness. My french may not be what it once was, but words like fascistes, raciste and manipulation leave no need for translation. Their musical effrontery especially in the more agitated states are highly energizing and kindle a Liberté égalité, fraternité sentimentality by means of protest. There is a nice set of variation in their song writting too, scandipunk puncture Inverse Reverse draws many parallels to Livet Som Insats a likeness that serves them very well and final track Rien Ne Change draws the resistances dying breath in a mid paced crawling dirge of ashen howls, a great end to what is a demanding album.  I had been meaning for a while to check out their 2011 7" based on a glowing recommendation by Gautier of Yattai (an equally punishing grind/speed freak of a band to whom a review is still well overdue), and this split has shown me what a fool I have been in neglecting to do so.

I couldn't of asked for a better pairing at all, the synergy developed in their musical differences, but shared repulsion to the pitfalls of modern day society make this a split not easily forgotten nor one to be passed over lightly. 


Whoresnation / Doomsisters