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Review: Warfuck, Neantification 2013

It took me far longer than I am willing to admit to realise that Néant is french for "The Void" and ergo  Neantification may be crudely translated as voidification or the process of voiding. This makes far more sense than my diacratic free googling which lead me to suspect Neanderthals or the North East Alliance of Anarchists or maybe even anarchist neanderthals. However if Warfuck are alluding towards anything the bleak nothingness one would expect of a void is the complete opposite of what is caged in this shard of wax, from a particularly delectable traumatic delivery Warfuck are offering only the most cruel of harmonics.

The most immediate impression is the overall anemic tone, the lack of bass guitar and thin yet depressed guitar tone give a deathly air to its adulterating exhalations, an ugliness in form that lends a particularly gaunt sickness throughout. Yet like the scurrying of a thousand cockroaches Neantification is bustling with pestilential energy, all activity is undertaken with an almost discourteous brevity, a continuous scutter of rhythmic corrosion that reinforces an overpowering sense of pressing danger and urgency. This crippling sense of listener panic is not helped by the crow like vocal squawks that seemingly bring forth a deeper more primal sense of fear forward with anxiety entwined with a need for survival. As for the drums here is a man who clearly learnt the way of a thousand blast beats, incredible variety and dexterity placed with fantastic precision, and with the greatest of respect the drums are what keep this rhythmic  locust swarm together and moving forward.

There are exceptions to the alchemical conduct too, vocal free slogger of a track Néant dims what little light was present for an apocalyptic neocrust like dirge fit to bury the earth in, and final track Rondelle takes a page from Robocop bringing a saxophone to a blast off. Both tracks are invigorating and a nice nuance from the overall plunge that Neantification offers, yet the fact remains that this is one beautifully aphotic and inflamed album worthy of your attentions. 

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Decadence (Review: Internal Damage, Age of Violence 2012)

We all remember that scene in Casino were one unlucky Irish mobster gets his head caught in a vice, a gripping scene of cringing curiosity where brutality spears head first into the traumatic, an affinity to the ultra violent shared with musical acts such as Internal Damage, although only this time it wont be a poor bastards eyes popping but your ear drums instead.

For a band who have shared wax with Unholy Grave, I was kind of expecting Russian grind bruisers Internal Damage to be a bit more sharpish in their deliverance. The band probably have the most redundant intro track ever penned, a warm up of the drums that draws towards some newscaster mumbling or something; and the tracks themselves are quite on the husky side, gradual development and death metal ardor being omnipresent constituents to their sepulchral strides of deathly faced grind. They do hold their own however, even among longer excursions such as 4 minute 45 adulteration Downfall , the album on the whole strictly functioning at a singular rate of energy consumption, any deviation quickly snapped back into the marching order. It's not an an adventurous exploit by any means, but that doesn't detract from its enjoyability; the very core of the release itself has a dark bluntness of character that is sure to hook, and the fierce regulation of it coupled with the subtle cycles of shuffling it goes through keep the release interesting whilst preserving its orthodoxy. 

Its a thirst-quenching slant on death grind, the death metal influence rewired into the circuit board of something resembling a mishmash between Righteous Pigs and Napalm Deaths Fear, Emptiness and Despair that curdle together rather smoothly, sharing their peaks and troughs of a jagged exterior. Internal Damage aren't like to win any prizes, but between their solid footing, nice integration of influences and rangy length, The Age of Violence is a debauch moment well worth partaking in.