Unholy Grave

Vivisection: Suffer the Animals (Part2)

Aus Rotten - Pathetic Humanity

Orating the very worst parts of humanity (and lets be honest there is alot to be ashamed of) with both grit and vilification is gutter anarcho-punks Aus Rotten, attacking societies malefactions with compelling lyrical and musical content with time-honoured punk bile.  Although comparatively weaker in their musical exertions to their peers (1992-2001) preferring to retain a sort of classic anarcho vibe their intensity is largely devolved from their domineering vocal onslaught both in presentation and content epitomised by The Second Rape.  Embittered track Pathetic Humanity steps away from narrating the tragedies we inflict upon one another and looks to the tragedy we inflict on animals. 

A pig tied down and burned with a blowtorch THIS IS VIVISECTION 
Chemicals dropped in rabbits eyes THIS IS VIVISECTION 
a baboon is used for organ transplants THIS IS VIVISECTION 
in naive hopes to synthesize THIS IS VIVISECTION 
mice suffocated by carbon monoxide THIS IS VIVISECTION
a dog is in agonony with every breath THIS IS VIVISECTION 
dying from the final stages of cancer THIS IS VIVISECTION 
from being forced to inhale cigarettes THIS IS VIVISECTION 
all experiments are done without an anesthetic 
sometimes humanity can be so damn pathetic 
the capital is funded big business can’t resist
these mutilations are performed by so-called “scientists” 
they always claim it’s done to benefit humankind 
but what usefulness could come for such disgusting crimes 
the only advancements made are in profit not in health 
and when we allow these actions we participate ourselves
a dog’s liver is destroyed by alcohol THIS IS VIVISECTION 
a cat’s head is implanted with electrodes THIS IS VIVISECTION 
a donkey is exposed to massive radiation THIS IS VIVISECTION 
spitting up blood as it’s skin erodes THIS IS VIVISECTION 
and elephant is restrained and electrocuted THIS IS VIVISECTION 
disease is injected into a rat THIS IS VIVISECTION 
a monkey’s eyes are stitched together THIS IS VIVISECTION 
to see if it can function like a bat THIS IS VIVISECTION 
all experiments are done without an anesthetic 
sometimes humanity can be so damn pathetic 
the capital is funded big business can’t resist
these mutilations are performed by so-called “scientists” 
they always claim it’s done to benefit humankind 
but what usefulness could come for such disgusting crimes 
the only advancements made are in profit not in health 
and when we allow these actions we participate ourselves 

Unholy Grave - Splattered Brains (Agathocles Cover)

Having undergone the process for the nth time of describing Unholy Grave, a band whose sterility to to artistic growth has lead them to sound nigh on identical on their first release as with with 200th only the most fleeting of differences in their 3 decade long contribution to mincecore I am going to take the lazy approach and just say that Unholy Grave sound like Agathocles recorded by in patients at Bethlem Royal. A description that holds a significant amount of truth in this instance since the song in question is an Agathocles cover, a plan b choice after failing to endure sifting through their entire discography and find lyrics to a track on the subject of vivisection; other tracks that take such a mantle procuring their lyrics were out of reach for me and having failed to develop the babel fish left me unable to decipher ARGHHHH, OHHHHHH, NANA ARGHHH into anything coherent. Splattered Brains is more of an attack on the wilful ignorance and apathy that surrounds vivisection, and the abandonment of protest in punk fans rather than a direct protest against it.

Posers with long hair
Wimps with baseball caps
Only in it for the outfit

New wavers turning into HC
Only to be cool
Just the outfit, not the music

In their heads
Nothing else than
Some splattered brains

I wonder
If they even understand
The meaning of vivisection

Rape Revenge - Car Ride with a Vivisection Intern

A good deed is its own reward, with that in mind between all the prime music Rape Revenge offer and their vast array of humanitarian commitments (check out the quote below) you would think the band would be swimming around in karma, yet the band don't lax and remain a bastion of indignation. Vocalist Samantha remains the linchpin of Rape Revenge, not only in light of their line-up changes, but her sharp-tongued incensed vocal tantrum is their crucial musical hook, instrumentation isn't bad per se, and even though employing a rather exclusive delineation just doesn't match up to those hell hath no fury like a woman scorned screeches. Although mostly known for the feminist lyrical content, they do graze by the issue of vivisection with ST 7" epilogue Car Ride with a Vivisection Intern,  consummated with no less resolve or passion.

"Rape Revenge has only played all ages shows (and a few guerilla parking lot and laundromat shows) since their inception, and is dedicated to the DIY all ages community. Members of Rape Revenge are involved in an all ages collective venue called Local Library, volunteer at the Distress Centre’s Out-Is-Ok (a crisis line for the LGBTQQ2 Community), are members of the Rock 4 Choice Collective and the Calgary Zine Library Collective, and also volunteer for Food Not Bombs, The Good Life Community Bike Shop, and a shelter for sexually exploited youth. Members of Rape Revenge also work as addictions counselors, mental health advocates, and also at a locally run organic grocery store."

It was her idea of a summer job 
Injecting rats with poison 
Her science is finding out the affects of poison 
We already know the affects of poison 

I feign interest in her chosen profession 
I ask her what it’s like to have to have to 
Kill such a huge part of yourself 
For your job 

Is it worth your wage?

Electro Hippies - Vivisection Song 

Not Grindcore, but just as good as, Am I Punk yet? being a classic that deserves to be on the playlist of any self-respecting grinder. Electro Hippies alongside Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror and sister act Carcass got the John Peel treatment, but failed to draw out as much prestige and career as the others, disbanding in late 1989, nevertheless they remain an iconic and highly influential band, and one of the most lively crust bands. Famous for their pro-animal rights and anti-big business mantra, the two often overlapping in the form of satirising McDonalds. 

Not long now, till it comes to the crunch,

I know i'm right...

I'll crucify you, and watch you burn,

Maybe it's the hard way, but you'll learn...

What they need is welfare, free from torture,
Free from experiments and exploitation.

But you'd deny this, and that is why i'll shed no tears, if i see you die.

Is it too much to ask, not to kill and destroy,
Animals, humans - one earth?

What i'm really saying is, you'll get your just desserts,
We'll see how you like it, when the tables are turned

Band/track suggestions that touch on Vivisection for a part 3 are more than welcome, especially since I have exhausted my own know on the matter :)

Unholy Alliance (Review: Unholy grave / Nak'ay, 2012)

 The popularity of the 5" format is starting to get quite a bit of a pain in the ass and on the wallet too (I am looking at you specifically Suffering Mind!) , by the time you have put the material on and sat yourself down its time to turn it over and lets not even get started on its cost to effect ratio, in short the novelty value of being a 5" wears out thin and you either have to offer some extra dimensional incentive (that Noothgrush / Supression 5" that comes with a puzzle is the sort of out the box creativity I like) or have to be sure as hell that the ~2 minute run time available is enough for the bands to induce traumatic injury on the listener. Thankfully the Unholy Grave Nak'ay split is one positive example where this scaled down format of operation isn't of detriment by its lack of available length, to both bands concepts such as progression and rhythmic development are words used by people whose skulls they crack open with their stone axes. 

First up is Unholy Grave who grace us with an exclusive track; Intolerance to which it should come as no surprise its delivery is nothing short of their trademark erratic thrash tinged mincecore , mad hatter Takaho does his usual deployment of lunatic/animalistic screams in accompany with their standard set of  booming blast beats and catchy as hell bouncing stringwork. Production values are in their natural habitat of DIY recordings, but have substantially more rigor and density to them compared to their last record I checked out. However the best feature of this track has to be the chorus, its lyrics solely consisting of the word No said repetitively about a dozen times in a sort of rythmic fashion, its strangely addictive and I can't really justify why, yet I find myself singing along to it with much joy and often put the needle back to the beginning rather than turn over the split just to have another cheeky listen. A seriously addictive tune. 

There will be a point in time when it will likely be easier to list the bands which haven't done a split with Unholy Grave than the ones which have, at such a time bands will simply be referred to by a number denoting their place in the Unholy Grave split chronology; to which todays review features number 81: Nak'ay (that's right, I manually counted every prior split release Unholy Grave have listed on discogs). If the name Nak'ay is a reference to something (thinking something Japanese, maybe even Unholy Grave related) the reference has got past me; either as a result of the obscurity of the name or the fact that Nak'ay's 2 minutes of mayhem is like receiving a series of blows to the head from a tire iron from a rather unsavory set of gentlemen. I don't want to paint them as a legacy band, but if you believe in reincarnation then Nak'ay are the second coming of the recently deceased Cellgraft, the timelines don't quite match up, but I am ashamed to say that this is the first time I have heard them and they occupy that exact same niche of barbaric hostility once occupied by Cellgraft. They manage to squeeze no less than 5 tracks into their armoury including one savage cover of Assucks Feasts of War. Their 2 minute curb-stomping tantrum is a crash course into urban warfare, as a blitz of concrete tearing thuds, agonizing screams and piercing screeches all mangle against one another and induce irreversible psychological trauma, and dare I say it that Nak'ay just thrive off this bloodshed and carnage as if caught in some all consuming desire to destroy.


Unholy Grave / Nak'ay

Raw Grind Chaos (Review: Unholy Grave/ Hatred Division 2012)

I think Henry Rollins summarized what being punk is quite nicely when he advocated it as hippies with a fierce attitude; a culture of protest, ethics and social consciousness:  a dualism of music and message which in the weird and wonderful world of 2012 is only held up by a few depraved under belly of punk derivatives, none more so than the grind is protest-ers  of mincecore. Sharing seven inches of wax and brooding dissent by way of spartan means of lo-fi feral vulgarity is old school blast masters Unholy Grave and grindcore underdogs of the third world Hatred Division, but before I put this 7" wonder under the cutting board I have a protest of my own to champion. And that protest being that they should  of kept the alternate artwork as per the test prints (have a looksie and the other side), sure it looks like something torn straight out of Conan the Barbarian novel and lacking in punk aesthetic, but killing orcs and in true homo-erotic power metal fashion never gets tiresome and would do much to bring a bit of color and character to the visually predictable depictions of woe and wrong; surprise in this instance being a good thing especially when trying to distinguish this unholy grave release against several hundred others.

Jumping back to the core issue: the actual content, this release is as ripe as they get, hooking you tightly right from the get go and systematically churning out one squalid track of socially embittered fury after another, little wonder it so quickly needed a repress to which they  addressed the visual photocopier bore with a nice cheery shade of blood red on both print and wax. 

 First up is Unholy Grave, who ever true to form blurt out their logic defying twirls of old-school grindcore entertainment in complete excess: their standard madman howls, riveting angular riffs and tremoring blasts, all lifted straight from a rehearsal recording giving in that coarse edge the band thrive off, although this time it is noticeably more raw than other Unholy Grave material, but not in the burly dense way but rather feels consistently flimsy. Even so the tracks are joyfully grindful and extract from the listener a sort of light hearted energy which idealistically peaks exactly at the end of their side.  The band tightly in their comfort zone of short excursions of zero post production tape recorder type old school obliteration. 

Now what follows is crafty in a coincidental sort of way that really gives the unique charm of the release, in that whilst still fresh in our mind all the things we wanted from the Unholy Grave side from nudges in production values and a deeper sound are now presented in Unholy Grave gold standard, except its not Unholy Grave, but Malaysias purveyor of all things bitter Hatred Division. Its one of those surreal wish comes true - lets double check that - holy shit I can bend the universe to my will moments, to which my review has probably ruined the surprise for you if you haven't checked the release out already. Even by the time this unintended novelty value wears thin, the stranglehold Hatred Division on you doesn't, from the strength of this release alone the band are steam rolling themselves to be the next Sakatat. 

Perhaps redundant, but I can only describe them as being the best choice cuts of Unholy Grave type band, the only real differences I can take from this 5 minute wonder ride of old school purity is that their temperament is slightly less on the crazy end and slightly more so on the aggressive end, a bantam shift, which really does nothing to detach themselves from the tit of Unholy Graves grinding milk. So expect a parade of blasts, ungodly growls and grumbles all conjoined by some intense and hooking string work in the most flattering of  ways, that can sit alongside Archagathus Mincecore Demo, Sakatats half of Cut your throat split and Unholy Graves half of their Rotten Sound split in Alex's wall of perfect Mincecore releases. 

Rioutous Outburst / Grindfather Productions / Tombs In the Valley / FastDie / Extreme Terror  Production / Douchebag Records