Spellbound (Review: Haiduk, Spellbook 2012)

Haiduk - Spellbook

Using his unholy alliance of death and thrash Canada's lone magus and invoker of dark arts Haiduk summons forth crepuscular mystical forces once buried deep in some delphic ward, but now replicated and bound to musical form.  

Upon his cold musical altar, Haiduk truly is a master of riffs, each one rustling with momentous energy and each stained with a corrupting aphotic taint. Not only does he pen some really engaging riffs, but their development and emotional course upon the arcane badlands are so rich in transposing the impassioned atmosphere upon the listener, the release transcends being just a regular piece of music and becomes an ethereal tapestry.  

Vocals are your haggard death metal types that jump out amongst the sea of riffs, placing a darker shade upon the overall conjecture. Drums are dutiful, but in all honesty have a minimalist contribution, the ominous character of the release firmly being held in a guitar-centric set up, thankfully though the drums recognizes this and keep their place in the natural order. 

Overall a really solid effort, the theme and character of the release are full blown, yet don't feel too contrived.