Review: Beg, ST 2014

So the fast few years have seen Britain go on such a blast beat bender its a miracle our heads don't go pop under all that sonic excess, leaving behind a headless punk-patched anthropomorphic fountain pumping blood and cheap store brand cider in equal measure (dibs on that for a cover art) . One culprit from this very scene who would certainly be up there on the blast induced decapitation level if it was a genuine phenomenon would be Beg. Beg are one part boozy blasters the afternoon gentlemen, another part alchemical sludgemasters the art of burning water and one part stranger, combining for an extrovert blend of elastic grind that does not cease to keep you on edge on a passage by passage basis. Gluttonous in both tunage and in tonnage Beg has indiscriminately wedged itself between a routine of manic chastisement and off kilter groove, driven by Smiths increasingly unorthodox drum routine and a string progression that is about as stonewall as a mammoth in plate mail there is no stopping this band once the play button has been pressed. Beg exude a uniqueness that charms  to no end, warlike in its components yet executed with such delirium that it almost seems arbitrary. Despite such a wide play style and erratic tumbles between them, Beg generate sufficient centrifugal force in keeping it all together and on track. So those looking to self flagellate, or those who want to break up their playlist from its sorry and stale predictability of punk tropes and riffs then look no further than Beg! 

Now released as an LP on Superfi Records

Original ST CD on Hygiene Records

Review: Disturbance Project, Grita Mietras Puedas 2014

dis·tur·bance (noun) - an unruly outburst or tumult; if we mean by outburst  twenty minutes of blast beat hell detonated over a blood soaked frenzy of earsplitting riffs and vitriolic screams, and again if by tumult we mean an aftermath equal to that of a bomb being detonated in my living room in both decibel scale and destructive aftermath then sure Disturbance project are aptly named if not completely understated. The self professed brutal grind raw noise from Madrid are not too far off the margin where the ferocity and velocity of grind are punched to such extremes it is hard to distinguish whether you are actually listening to anything remotely instrumental or just an endless artillery barrage that makes D-Day look like a Sunday evening stroll in the park with the dog. In fact the only thing that separates this from a dense apocalyptical cannonade is those burly vocals howling away as if half in shell shock and other half in a state of total all consuming blood lust. Its a rather claustrophobic set up, cramming as much madness at you as it possibly can without a moments relent, leading to a rather overwhelming feeling of being drowned in this tidal wave of percussion, guitars and jowl outburst. If grind is meant to be all consuming, uncompromising and brutal beyond comprehension or reason then Disturbance Project have nailed this old school grind ethos to nigh on perfection, the only way I can see it getting better is if it successfully blew my head off, but if that was the case I wouldn't of been able to write this review though. Hmmm. 


Disturbance Project

Pick up a copy at EDH

Review: Teethgrinder, Hellbound 2014

I tire of the over-compulsive need for grind bands to titularly associate with grindcore/grind/grinding; Carcass grinder, coffee grinder, grindcrusher, grind virus, grind your life, grind bastards, grinding this or that or the most serial offender every other Unholy Grave record. Its a wholly predictable trope of which I am equally or perhaps even more so guilty (Grind to Death anyone?), but perhaps in the case of Dutch sinners Teethgrinder it is more forgiveable because prima facie Teethgrinder are not homogeneously a grindcore band, but rather a sordid soup of cross genre spillover encompassing everything from death, thrash, crust and a variety of other genres. Whilst the beginning portion of opening and album title track Hellbound might suggest otherwise as it opens with a magnificent Rotten Sound like eclipse, after a while the cadence begins to branch out and we start to see a multitude of genres; germinate, ripen and eventually wither away in non-linear progression. Often the beginning of one genre excursion and the end of another a blur of entangled rhythmic mass at times so deeply entwined one cannot say where one begins and the other ends. For a stubborn grinder I found some of the passages a bit hit and miss, but by on large the creative input is well received and quite refreshing, when push comes to shove these guys can belt out blast beats and face ripping riffs like no tomorrow and do a whole lot of other things we have long forgotten of music.



Review: Boddicker, False Flag 2014

Right let me get this straight:

Clarence Boddicker = Antagonist in the Robocop film.

Robocop = Protagonist in the Robocop film.

Someone tell my why on earth there isn't a Boddicker / Robocop split out there? Come on guys I thought you would be all over this shit! 

Hard hitting hardcore hoods turn part time powerviolence peddlers Boddicker serve up some rugged brawling street violence aka the soundtrack to their dystopian home-town of Detroit. Passing False Flag off as anything other than bare knuckle fighting beat-up punk with a long history of mental health issues and even longer list of felonies is selling this band short. Boddicker instrumentally punch, kick and bite like each riff or blast is meant to send you to the floor, and more often that not Boddicker are not afraid to indulge in a bit of dirty fighting in fact low blows, stomps and eye gouges are seemingly more the norm than the exception. With a patently memorable two ton thrust to their string routine Boddicker are an oversaturation in punk heaviness one won't soon forget and as a bonus a healthy measure of crust mucus adds to their pizzaz. Whilst harder than hardcore, and with a noticeable kinship to powerviolence, I would be reluctant to lump Boddicker as another formula prescribed powerviolence/fast band, for one they lack the brevity in both song length and tempo, secondly they are not prone to sudden tempo or rythmic interchanges, instead Boddicker do proper songs with clear beginnings, middle and endings, they trade blows at a steady pace and above all else they maintain a consistency to their work throughout. Boddicker are the hardened criminal of punk, slower on the uptake and less susceptible to whims, but above all else they deliver brutal methodical results.

Review: Horsebastard, Giraffetermath 2014

A Horseman battling it out with Robocop whilst a shark eats their eviscerated innards, the best artwork ever? Or a genuine police sketch of a friday night in Toxteth? I guess we will never know...

Lets just get straight to the point; Giraffetermath is just pure awesome! Put away those potential album arts you snagged up in the Ukraine crisis and cross off all those socio-political lyrics you had penned down from TED Talk shows, because if you aren't using animal to human hybrids to represent a form of music that marries the colourful and care free dreamings of a four year old with the squandered ability of buckfast guzzling reprobates who really are only in it for the booze, drugs and the off chance to ascend human existence through the median of music and into the form of a magnificent humming bird that can shoot lasers out of its eyes, then I am afraid you are doing the whole grind thing wrong, totally wrong. 

Horsebastard seem unhindered by their two year silence and significant line up changes (replacing a vocalist and bassist with what I suspect to be an aardvark and a rhesus monkey), and seem to come off the better for it. Whilst most bands mature as their material progresses, Horsebastard have biologically regressed several eons exhibiting a level of animalism that shows not a grain of civility, throwing a slurry mess of audio poop and animalistic rancor at you in a territorially fierce state of affairs. Drums come off like an endless stampede, heaving with an unpredictable momentum and constant clatter, it being hard to discern whether there is a single dedicated drummer or a drum kit that has been thrown on the migration path of the great water buffalo. From that bedrock of blast beats, convulsive guitar work sews itself around as a tattered mix of firm heavy fisted rhythmic crumples in contrast to the more discerning progressions that exhibit a nerve wrecking panic as discordance reins supreme; the latter being the dominant party in this sonic ecosystem. This is all topped off by  a cutting vocal projection that shrills all manner of animalistic abuse in short vulgar segments like a monkey who has been exposed to too much Narcosis. This rampant mess all congeals into something so damn good! Think Discordance Axis with a more ground and pound drum routine and a thick slather of Narcosis vocals, but all set in a zoo!


Dead Heroes Label