PSA: The Future of Grind to Death

Many apologies for the lack of content on Grind to Death the past year or so, between work, travelling, social life and other responsibilities I am hard pressed to find time to commit to writing grind reviews and conducting interviews. Whilst I have neglected to bring you new content on this site my love of this music has continued to grow, and I think the genre is on one hell of an exponential blossom at the moment.  With that in mind  a little while back I created a DIY hobby label Kydoimos Records allowing me to finally put my money and energies where my mouth is, I chose to have the label separate from grind to death for the purposes of independence, impartiality and to allow me to pursue a different thematic angle with it. Of late the label has been getting attention which may of otherwise directed towards gtd, however that being said its not a replacement I still intend to keep grind to death going. Whilst I am unable to give the same amount of time and effort, I have brainstormed a few things to keep things going and fresh:

  • Bring in new writers.
  • Guest posts.
  • More compact reviews.
  • Sometimes no review just sharing a bandcamp or youtube of new music that has caught my attention with a preamble maybe.
  • Site redesign, I am bit bored of the current set up. 

I appreciate your guys input on this matter so if you have anything to say or any ideas please feel free to contribute. I have attached below a copy of a printed zine I did this year and a bandcamp link to the comp that came with it. Enjoy.

Review: Archagathus, Dehumanizer 2014

Shift yo ass Agathocles, your space in my playlist and record shelves is detracting me from the one true mince god: Archagathus. Let us make no pretension whilst I happily pledge myself to Archagathus there is nothing regal or godly about them, they are sleazy, demented and everything your mother told you to avoid. That being said there is no band that I enjoy more, like a particularly fortified brew the first few mouthfuls may taste particularly vile, but everything there after is bliss, and such is Archagathus, for all their horridness there is a deep drunken warmth to find in them. Enter the bands latest gut glowing and long overdue full length; Dehumanizer, contained in this bloated grotesquery of punk is 21 minutes of the meanest mince slop, gutter riffs and choleric vocals; this sewer of music overpopulated by perversion, sonic torture and other horrors. Pathologically speaking Dehumanizer is the apex of the current mince-gore progression/regression/corruption Archagathus have been undergoing lately and as such Dehumanizer and the last half a dozen splits or so all bring strong parallels to kinsmen and split partners Grotesque Organ Defilement and Hypermesis, but most importantly the band have still ultimately kept their classic archagathus sense of identity/idiocy. Lots of bands seem to be playing the mince gore genre card recently and of those probably half of them are side projects of Andy Hypermesis, however its refreshing to know that whilst I consider 99% of gore bands to be shitty misogynistic death metal outfits in overdrive, the mincegore surge is completely punk! In any case whether mince, gore, or whatever combination of the two Archagathus are best at it, and in comparison your band is terrible, and the only way to redeem yourself is to do a split with these fanatical bastards. 

Review: Beg, ST 2014

So the fast few years have seen Britain go on such a blast beat bender its a miracle our heads don't go pop under all that sonic excess, leaving behind a headless punk-patched anthropomorphic fountain pumping blood and cheap store brand cider in equal measure (dibs on that for a cover art) . One culprit from this very scene who would certainly be up there on the blast induced decapitation level if it was a genuine phenomenon would be Beg. Beg are one part boozy blasters the afternoon gentlemen, another part alchemical sludgemasters the art of burning water and one part stranger, combining for an extrovert blend of elastic grind that does not cease to keep you on edge on a passage by passage basis. Gluttonous in both tunage and in tonnage Beg has indiscriminately wedged itself between a routine of manic chastisement and off kilter groove, driven by Smiths increasingly unorthodox drum routine and a string progression that is about as stonewall as a mammoth in plate mail there is no stopping this band once the play button has been pressed. Beg exude a uniqueness that charms  to no end, warlike in its components yet executed with such delirium that it almost seems arbitrary. Despite such a wide play style and erratic tumbles between them, Beg generate sufficient centrifugal force in keeping it all together and on track. So those looking to self flagellate, or those who want to break up their playlist from its sorry and stale predictability of punk tropes and riffs then look no further than Beg! 

Now released as an LP on Superfi Records

Original ST CD on Hygiene Records

Review: Disturbance Project, Grita Mietras Puedas 2014

dis·tur·bance (noun) - an unruly outburst or tumult; if we mean by outburst  twenty minutes of blast beat hell detonated over a blood soaked frenzy of earsplitting riffs and vitriolic screams, and again if by tumult we mean an aftermath equal to that of a bomb being detonated in my living room in both decibel scale and destructive aftermath then sure Disturbance project are aptly named if not completely understated. The self professed brutal grind raw noise from Madrid are not too far off the margin where the ferocity and velocity of grind are punched to such extremes it is hard to distinguish whether you are actually listening to anything remotely instrumental or just an endless artillery barrage that makes D-Day look like a Sunday evening stroll in the park with the dog. In fact the only thing that separates this from a dense apocalyptical cannonade is those burly vocals howling away as if half in shell shock and other half in a state of total all consuming blood lust. Its a rather claustrophobic set up, cramming as much madness at you as it possibly can without a moments relent, leading to a rather overwhelming feeling of being drowned in this tidal wave of percussion, guitars and jowl outburst. If grind is meant to be all consuming, uncompromising and brutal beyond comprehension or reason then Disturbance Project have nailed this old school grind ethos to nigh on perfection, the only way I can see it getting better is if it successfully blew my head off, but if that was the case I wouldn't of been able to write this review though. Hmmm. 


Disturbance Project

Pick up a copy at EDH

Review: Teethgrinder, Hellbound 2014

I tire of the over-compulsive need for grind bands to titularly associate with grindcore/grind/grinding; Carcass grinder, coffee grinder, grindcrusher, grind virus, grind your life, grind bastards, grinding this or that or the most serial offender every other Unholy Grave record. Its a wholly predictable trope of which I am equally or perhaps even more so guilty (Grind to Death anyone?), but perhaps in the case of Dutch sinners Teethgrinder it is more forgiveable because prima facie Teethgrinder are not homogeneously a grindcore band, but rather a sordid soup of cross genre spillover encompassing everything from death, thrash, crust and a variety of other genres. Whilst the beginning portion of opening and album title track Hellbound might suggest otherwise as it opens with a magnificent Rotten Sound like eclipse, after a while the cadence begins to branch out and we start to see a multitude of genres; germinate, ripen and eventually wither away in non-linear progression. Often the beginning of one genre excursion and the end of another a blur of entangled rhythmic mass at times so deeply entwined one cannot say where one begins and the other ends. For a stubborn grinder I found some of the passages a bit hit and miss, but by on large the creative input is well received and quite refreshing, when push comes to shove these guys can belt out blast beats and face ripping riffs like no tomorrow and do a whole lot of other things we have long forgotten of music.