Interview: Winds of Genocide

If you’ve somehow missed out on the apocalyptic tornado that is Winds of Genocide, then now’s the time to get yourself acquainted with Durham’s crustiest riff enthusiasts. Pulling together the fury of Extreme Noise Terror, the evil might of early Bathory, the vitriol of Discharge, the pungent filth of Repulsion and the all-encompassing “fuck you” attitude of Darkthrone, theirs is a sound that ticks all the right boxes and can’t fail to stir the spirit of anyone with a propensity toward the grottier, gnarlier side of extreme metal and punk. If these truly are the end of days, then Winds of Genocide are the perfect soundtrack. Let’s hope the Mayans were just a bunch of mean spirited pranksters after all though, if only so that we get to hear the band’s upcoming debut full length next year. I caught up with vocalist Kat Shevil to talk about the new record, the resurgence of cassettes and how she’ll be passing the time when those final meteors start falling…

What inspired you to form Winds of Genocide? What are your musical backgrounds/influences?
Well myself and Glynn (guitar) had both been inactive in the music scene for quite a few years and were getting restless and bored not being involved with a band, I was personally really missing being in a band and even just the simple things like getting together to rehearse and write songs, we were hanging out a lot together at my place getting drunk and listening to a lot of music and especially a lot of old school death metal and crust - käng punk stuff so during one of our drinking/music listening sessions it was suggested that we form a band and mix those styles together as we thought that would be a verycool thing to do, this was around late 2005/early 2006...a few months before I had loaned an album by the American crust punk band Masskontroll called "Will You Ever Learn?"(great album by the way!) and I noticed the songtitle "Winds of Genocide" and thought to myself" that would be the perfect name for a crust band" so when it came to forming a band I decided straight away to use that as the band name (after checking it hadn't been used by any other bands) - so it was really a mix of our love for this kind of music and a want/need to start creating music of our own again that inspired us to give birth to this musical beast that has slowly grew in size over recent years.

My personal musical backgrounds ex bandwise are in the death metal and doom metal scenes, I was vocalist in a death metal band called Morstice from 1992-1994, recorded a couple demos with that band in 1993 (all demos were released on a discography CD last year called "Deathography 1992-1995" via Compilation of Death in Chile, South America), also played a bunch of shows in 93/94 with that band before quitting to form a Doom band called Blessed Realm which was heavily influenced by bands such as Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Trouble, Pentagram, Candlemass, early Black Sabbath and such bands, did a bunch of demos and played a bunch of shows both around the UK and in mainland Europe with that band throughout the mid-late 90's and into the early 00's before it abruptly split up in 2002 due to personal reasons.

Glynn's musical past is more rooted in the HC-Powerviolence-Grind scenes and he has played in local HC/Grind bands such as Offset, Revolt, Hara Kiri throughout the 1990's, Linus (drummer on first two studio recordings, now second guitar) has played in various punk and grind bands over in Sweden one of which was a really good band called Protest. Dan has been involved in various metal and grind style bands in the past. the most well known probablys being Nails of Christ and Matthew our current drummer's musical background is in thrash/death metal bands. So quite a mixed bag right there background wise!.

Influence wise - well again its quite varied, everything from old school Swedish death metal like early Dismember, early Unleashed, Nihilist/early Entombed, early Grave, God Macabre (and Macabre End) and other old DM stuff like early Bolt Thrower, Autopsy and Master, to Scandinavian crust-käng-d beat punk such as Anti-Cimex, Wolfpack, Wolfbrigade, early Disfear, Meanwhile, Skitsystem, Wolfbrigade etc via Japanese punk such as Framtid and Disclose to old UK 80's/early 90's crust like ENT, Doom, Amebix, Deviated Instinct, American HC-Crust-Punk (especially the Portland punk scene!) such as Masskontroll, Poison Idea, Severed Head Of State, Consume etc., some grind like Terrorizer, Assuck and Repulsion to old extreme/black/thrash metal from 80's such as early Bathory, Possessed, early Sodom, early Kreator, Hellhammer, early Celtic Frost..list goes on!!!.

I understand you’re working on debut album for Pulverised Records at the moment, how’s that coming along?
Yes we are, the full length album will be titled "USURPING THE THRONE OF DISEASE" and be recorded sometime summer 2013 all going to plan, we are currently in discussions with a producer/studio and hope to confirm recording dates soon (that is all I can say right now as far as that is concerned!). The songwriting process is going very well for it, we have a bunch of songs already written and have more new material in the pipeline, I can't reveal any songtitles just yet but the new material is sounding very aggressive, raw and contains a good mix of the styles we are known for. Cover art for the album is being done by Mark Riddick a well known American artist who has worked with a lot of great death/thrash/black metal bands and his piece for the cover is TOTALLY SICK - quite mindblowing in fact, he perfectly captured the album title in that piece of art!. We will spend the first part of 2013 finishing up and refining the writing process/songs and make sure they are totally nailed down before hitting the studio.

Your split with Japanese metal maniacs Abigail is awesome. How did you get in touch with these guys, and can we expect any more split releases in the future?
Thanks! Glad you like the split! I had been doing some trading with Yasuyuki from Abigail for a couple years or so and we both had a mutual appreciation for each others bands so I suggested to him that we should do a split, he was totally into the idea and so I contacted Jerasak at Witchhammer Productions in Thailand to give him first refusal on releasing the split as he had previously released stuff by both ourselves and Abigail (and also Yasuyuki's other band Barbatos). He was also totally into the idea and offered to release it on CD limited to 1000 copies. It took a little while for everything to come together and for the split to finally see the light of the day but it finally came out earlier this year and so far the overall response has been great as have the reviews I have seen so far for it. It is an honour to share a split with such a respected legendary band.

A couple of months ago we secured a release for a vinyl version of the split. Expect a 12" vinyl pressing of the "Satanik Apokalyptic Kamikaze Kommandos" split to be released in 2013 via Doomentia Records in Czech Republic!.

As for future split releases involving ourselves, we'll see - right now the main (and only) focus is on finishing writing the album and then getting that recorded and released.

‘The Arrival of Apokalyptic Armageddon’ was recently re-released on tape via Doombringer Records. Why did you choose to release it on tape, and what are your thoughts on this supposed cassette revival we’re currently experiencing?
Tapes are great, tapes are old school, tapes are very collectable,  I grew up listening to tapes constantly. I used to tape trade like a fucking maniac with half of Poland and such things back in the ealry-mid 90's so listening to music on tape has been a big part of my life (as well as Glynn's) and when we got offered a pro tape release for this recording I/we immediately jumped at the chance to have those songs on such a release! Esa at Doombringer did a great job with the tape, it looks and sounds great!

I think it is great that more labels and bands are releasing stuff/having stuff released on pro cassette tapes! Everything goes around in circles, just also look at the current vinyl revival - who would have thought that would happen 10 years ago?! But trends and cycles come and go.

Is there any chance of hearing some Winds of Genocide releases on vinyl in the future?
Yes! The split with Abigail will be coming out on 12" vinyl via Doomentia Records in 2013. It will feature the same artwork done by SICKNESS666. Keep your eyes open for more info about it!.

Can you tell us about the upcoming Uncoffined project? It sounds like it’s going to be killer!
Uncoffined was spawned in early 2011 out of myself and Glynn's love for heavy Doom music - I also wanted to try my hand at drumming in a band so we started jamming in early Spring 2011 and wrote two songs in the first rehearsal! We started jamming and writing as a 2 piece and then later last year we were joined by 2 other members of my old Doom band Blessed Realm, Garry and Jonny on 2nd/lead guitar and bass respectively and things really began to take shape soundwise and writing wise after a few rehearsals with those guys. It is great being in a band with them both again and Jonny is a very talented lead guitarist and he has brought some solos into the songs. We currently have 5 original songs written for our debut demo which will be titled "Ritual Death and Funeral Rites" they are called "Twisted Shape of Creeping Terror", "Night Of The Witch Childe", "Ritual Death & Funeral Rites", "The Devil And The Old Cursed Tree" and "Blasphemous Execration Of Holy Ground". We have also learnt a cover version of a song called "Frustrations" by the American Doom metal band Revelation... We have the best part of 40 mins worth of music to record now and will be entering Studio 1in12 in Feburary 2013 Bradford to record them with Bri Doom (Doom, Lazarus Blackstar) producing. Not quite sure when the demo will be released or in what format(s) yet but again keep an eye out for more info via our Facebook page. We will
play our first show here in Durham City on 12th January which I am very much looking forward to.

Musically we are heavily inspired and take influences from bands such as early Cathedral, Winter, early Penance, Dream Death, Revelation, Hellhammer, early Celtic Frost, 13, Grief, Runemagick, Thy Grief Eternal, Saint Vitus, early Black Sabbath, early Candlemass etc...musically it is pretty much traditional/classic heavy doom metal for the most part with a few dark death metal and nihilistic misanthropic sludge influences thrown into the mix for good measure, the vocals are harsh death growls which just make the songs sound more evil and morbid. I am tagging us as "Doomed Metal Darkness" and/or "Heavy Doom Metal Of Death". Both perfectly fit our music/songs.

Do you think a Winds of Genocide / Uncoffined tour could be on the cards at all?
Not together but seperately definetly at some point(s) in the future. Really wanna get outside of the UK to play shows with both bands.

2012 has been a damn good year for extreme metal, in all its different guises. Are there any releases that have really stood out for you?
I have heard SO MUCH great new music this year and have gotten hold of so many great albums and some great demos, E.P.S too - here is a list of some standouts:-

TOP 25 Albums (In no particular order - THEY ALL RULE!!):-

Acephalix - Deathless Master (Southern Lord)
Struck By Lightning - True Predation (Translation Loss Recordings)
Wolfbrigade- Damned (Southern Lord)
Martyrdöd- Paranoia (Southern Lord)
Derketa - In Death We Meet (self released)
Anguish -Through The Archdemons Head (Dark Descent)
Bombs of Hades -The Serpent's Redemption (Pulverised Records)
Okkultokrati - Snakereigns ( Fysisk Format)
Degial -Death's Striking Wings (Sepulchral Voice)
Infernoh -War Tjard (D takt och Rå Punk)
Dead In The Woods -The Sign of The Son of Man (Viral Age)
Putrefaction -Blood Cult (Underground Movement)
Tragedy -Darker Days Ahead (Feral Ward)
Master-  The New Elite (Pulverised Records)
Chapel -Satans Rock 'n' Roll (Hells Headbangers)
Black Breath -Sentenced to Life (Southern Lord)
Nuclear Death Terror -Chaos Reigns (Southern Lord)
Tormentor - Violent World (Iron Shield Records)
Ursut -Dårarnas Paradis (La Familia))
Lazarus Blackstar - Hymns For The Cursed (Undergroove)
Forward- War Nuke and Death Sentence (HG Fact)
Faustcoven - Hellfire and Funeral Bells (Nuclear War Now!)
Usurpress -Trenches of The Netherworld( Selfmade God Records)
Jess and The Ancient Ones -S/T (Svart Records)
Grave- Endless Procession Of Souls (Century Media) - true return to old school Grave form!

EPS / Split E.P. stuff

Deviated Instinct - Liberty Crawls to the Sanctuary of Slaves.... EP (Profane Existence)
Hellkrusher - various split tracks


SaturninE (Ita) -Demo
Occultist (USA) - demo
Sküll(Nor) -demo
Mabuse (Nor) -Stench of Death demo
Necrot (USA) -demo (Blood Divine)
Lawless (USA) -Nite of The Wolf demo (Blood Divine)
Into Darkness (Ita) - Demo

Quite a few Southern Lord releases in that list but that label has been releasing so much great crust-d beat-HCPunk stuff in recent times... The current roster is the best the label has ever had in my opinion.

I am bound to have forgot some great albums but can't mention them or remember them all at this moment in time! The list goes on....those are a few that really have stood out to me.

According to some (perhaps extremely misguided) folk, this world’s going to end tomorrow… What will you be doing to celebrate the coming Apocalypse?
Getting Drunk!

Thanks for the interest - buy our shit! We have double sided shirts available, skull/wings logo patches, split Cds with Abigail - email me at shevil.kitty666[at] for more ordering and price info. Watch out for both Winds of Genocide and Uncoffined releases in 2013. RIDE UPON THE BLACK WINGS OF ARMAGEDDON!

For more information about Winds of Genocide, you can visit their official Facebook page.