Napalm Death's Scum: The Visual Legacy

25 years down the line and the significance of Napalm Deaths seminal release Scum still remains as cardinal to today's bustling and thriving grind scene as it did back in 1987 where it inspired a whole generation of hyperactive youths to play louder, faster and heavier than anything before. They weren't the first band to play obnoxiously loud downtuned keys, institute the blast-beat or race against the metronome, but they were the first to bring them altogether and give this abrasive breed of music a name and a foundation.  The scope and norms of grind would of course change, bend and move with the times, but Scum still remains the underpinning framework. 

It would seem however Scum lent to history a lot more than the basic Grindcore formula, its artwork remains a visual classic adopted and restylised by many and nor has this trend been limited to purely grindcore acts. Below are a dozen artworks I have come across imitating Scum, reader suggestions to more Scum-adaptations welcome! And if anyone can offer a higher res scan of Pet Meat half of the Fuck It I Quit split, I would be most grateful!

(Readers with déjà vu, this is in fact a complete overhaul of a post I did about 2.5 years back, so no you are not suffering from phantom memory syndrome!)