Zombified (Review: Brutal Brain Damage, Brain Soup 2012)

Brutal Brain Damage - Brain Soup

As the saying goes there is no rest for the wicked, and what a wicked and energetic bunch Brutal Brain Damage are. Gutting the bloody entrails of grindcore in a splattering reckless mess, they proceed to chuck its entrails into their boiling pot of brutal death metal, letting it simmer and hiss itself into a fetid stew of bestial disharmony. 

Their 20 track course of pungent grinding death doesn't lack for clarity with production and mixing skills that are like to cause envy, and greatly benefiting their bloodthirsty romps into the seedy underbelly of musical extremity. Each serving track is differentiated from the last through a systematic attempt to offer something structurally different from the last, a task the band deliver with fine musical finesse; a wide range of customs that see the likes of their tightly bound churns, splinters of agitation and rabid mutilations  to name but a few, harden together into offering a conscious and reflexive delivery. 

Vocals are the brutal exterior bellowing out deathly howls and impish squeals in a truly malevolent spirit, and are the means to their zombie inspired affair, with some of the screams sending shivers down the spines. If one was to remove the layer of vocals, one will find a very intricate set of moving musical cogs, guitars and drums cohesively fluctuating between the realms of death metal and grind with able-bodied fluidity. The set up of the musical components themselves aren't too vulgar, no deep downtuning or forceful riffing favouring multiform song development and decisive riffs to engage the listener, a personally preferred method of delivery to such music which gives it a nice animated spirit, or reanimated I should say. Their final track goes all Morbid Angel - Immortal Rites on your ass, a song played entirely in reverse which ends the album in an alluringly captivating way, a paradoxical placement on the listener by making it feel so wrong and so right at the same time. 

I can't say I was a fan of the choice of samples, original for sure and a nice bit of colouring to show the band don't take themselves too seriously, but listening to a zombie fart, or a cartoonish kid being hit for wanting ice cream is more stigmatic than complimentary. However on the whole Brutal Brain Damage offer a wholesome album experience especially for those inclined to the niche. 

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